Mostly metrics

Mostly metrics is a weekly business newsletter about finance and business models. It’s a collection of things I’ve learned and thought about in the trenches as an operator. It’s meant to serve as a playbook of sorts for the stuff I wish I learned earlier in my career, both from experience and from copying people smarter than myself.

Topics frequently touch upon Corporate Finance, FP&A, Treasury, Investor Relations, Business Development, and Analytics.

And if I was being really honest, most of the posts are just things I googled a hundred times in the past, looking for an easy answer, but coming up short.

Behind the Keyboard

If by some stroke of the imagination you made it this far down the page, or are just trying to confirm if I’m blogging from my mother’s basement, here’s a bit about myself. I work in finance, helping to scale fast growing software companies. I’ve worked in management consulting and private equity, but the most I’ve learned about producing quality work is from being a mason for seven summers in my late teens and early twenties.

Stuff I frequently read and listen to include James Altucher (The James Altucher Show), Shaan Puri and Sam Parr (My First Million), Jim McKelvey (The Innovation Stack), Guy Raz (How I Built This), Tomasz Tunguz (VC at Redpoint), Alex Clayton (VC at Meritech Capital), and Tim Ferriss (The Tim Ferriss Show).

Disclaimer: Not investment advice. Opinions are mine only and not of my employer.

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