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I think it’s cool to be a fan of business.

I’m the guy who discusses SaaS metrics next to the keg at parties.

I’m also the guy who tries, to the chagrin of his wife, to calculate the local bakery’s average daily sales volume after buying a blueberry muffin.

Maybe this resonates with you; maybe it doesn’t. I’m closer to if Bill Simmons worked in your finance department than an astro physicist.

As such, what you’ll get from this newsletter are my playbooks, observations, and screw ups from scaling high growth software companies.

The tone isn’t all that serious, but the work and research I put into this shit is.

When you sign up, you’ll get three posts a week. Two will be completely free (but, like, please click on the ads, because my household’s Amazon bill is outrageous) and one will be paywalled (please buy this too - I recently discovered they don’t give volume discounts at my kids’ daycare).

Come for the metrics, stay for the memes. Benchmarks and business models, but fun. Written by not-your-typical CFO.

Topics frequently touch upon Startup SaaS Metrics, Financial Forecasting, Equity, Dilution, and Fundraising.

And if I was being really honest, most of the posts are just things I googled a hundred times, looking for an easy answer, but coming up short.

Lead writer CJ (left) and Editor in Chief Walter (right) celebrate with ice cream every 1,000 subscribers

Run the Numbers

I interview CFOs, operators, and the investors who fund them. It’s kind of like if Lex Freedman used Netsuite (and wasn’t a robot).

See - I even have a cool logo art work thing:

On the show we talk about a lot of the same stuff as the newsletter; I just do it with world class CFOs… like the ones that work at Carta, Brex, Rippling, and many more.

You should listen. It’s awesome. Or it might suck, IDK, you tell me.

Hit “follow” on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube for interviews with top CFOs and the Investors who fund them.

Stuff I frequently read and listen to include James Altucher (The James Altucher Show), Shaan Puri and Sam Parr (My First Million), Jim McKelvey (The Innovation Stack), Guy Raz (How I Built This), Tomasz Tunguz (VC at Redpoint), Alex Clayton (VC at Meritech Capital), and Tim Ferriss (The Tim Ferriss Show).

Disclaimer: Not investment advice. Opinions are mine only and not of my employer.

The information set forth in this blog is provided for informational and discussion purposes only. The views expressed herein are the author’s alone and is not intended to be, and shall not be regarded or construed as, a recommendation for a transaction or investment or financial, tax, investment or other advice of any kind. While certain information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, the author makes no warranty or representation regarding any such information or the data presented in such materials. The author assumes no liability for this information and no obligation to update the information contained herein in the future.

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