I know this is feasible, because I know someone who has been doing this for a year throughout COVID, in a smaller niche market than solo sports (but equally passionate).

A girl from my local university is a classical violinist, and responded to the lack of in-person opportunities by talking to the top people in North America in the strings world, and arranging such one-week conferences, lessons, intensives (where students spend a week studying under top teachers), and forums via Zoom and Facebook, using a freemium model for some of it, and market-rate tuition for the one-on-one events. She even did possibly the only in-person chamber music festival during COVID, in a bubble that she arranged for on a ranch, with appropriate testing and isolation protocols.

She has offered entrepreneurial how-to’s as part of her conferences, so I asked her if she would be willing to consult anyone who wants to try her (and your) business model for track and field or other solo sports coaching and mentoring, and she said yes and gave me her business contact info: Alyssa@StringInsiders.com.

I told her about this site, and she liked it and may show up and comment hopefully.

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I like this idea, there is something in there for sure. I've been sitting on what solution can help semi-pro or amateur pro athletes in various sports. They aren't famous/successful enough not to care, but they are levelled up. I've been focusing more of my thoughts on an athlete dashboard where they can see their competitive day - training, nutrition, recovery, etc....

This idea feels like a sort of onlyfans for athletes or something or a "90's fanclub" - pay $5 per month and get different types of access, merch, content whatever the athlete decides to provide.

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