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ZoomInfo’s CFO Cameron Hyzer on Resource Allocation Bets as a Public Company

ZoomInfo’s CFO Cameron Hyzer on Resource Allocation Bets as a Public Company

Today CJ is joined by Cameron Hyzer, the CFO of ZoomInfo, one of the world's most successful publicly traded data businesses. Cameron is a master capital allocator and this conversation touches on why you should focus on quality versus reducing costs as a CFO, share repurchase programs 101, and frameworks for making resource allocation bets. If you're looking for an ERP head to NetSuite: and get a customized KPI checklist.


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(00:00) Intro

(02:11) Sponsor: Maxio | NetSuite

(04:44) ZoomInfo's Secret Sauce

(15:13) ZoomInfo's Success

(21:50) Translating Macro Trends into Business Strategy

(25:14) Strategies for Maintaining Margins and Cash Flow

(26:14) Sponsor : Attio | Thoropass

(28:27) Managing Customer Relationships and Retention

(30:11) Qualities of a Great CFO

(33:47) Effective Financial and Operational Data Management

(37:26) CFO-CEO Relationship

(39:51) Balancing Risk and Opportunity

(41:24) CFO as Chief Investment Officer

(43:53) Cameron’s Tech Stack Brought to You By Tropic

(45:52) Wrap

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