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E6: Carta CFO Charly Kevers on the Importance of Truth Telling

E6: Carta CFO Charly Kevers on the Importance of Truth Telling

Charly Kevers (CFO of Carta) joins CJ on episode six of Run the Numbers, where they talk through the most important qualities of great CFOs, why you should look at every part of your business as a startup, and more. If you’re looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite: 



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(00:00) Episode Preview

(00:15) SEGMENT: CJ's opening “Off the Books” monologue - CJ’s First Negotiation

(06:54) Start of interview

(08:22) The #1 thing that kept Charly up at night when he started at Carta

(09:00) Sponsor: Netsuite

(10:24) How Charly communicated with his CEO when he started

(11:43) Charly's tactics on truth-telling

(13:07) How to talk to investors

(16:25) Frameworks on communicating the tough news

(17:33) Charly's experience at HP

(20:03) Qualities of great vs. good CFOs

(22:20) Metrics to share with investors

(28:22) Relationship with Carta CEO and how the dynamic has changed

(34:23) How Charly works with his CEO to make decisions

(40:33) On Carta X

(48:53) SEGMENT: Long-ass Lightning Round

(50:01) SEGMENT: Rep Yo Stack - Sponsored by Tropic

(51:36) Craziest thing someone has tried to expense at Carta

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Run the Numbers is a twice-weekly podcast about financial metrics and business models, designed for ambitious people operating tech startups. It's a collection of things host CJ Gustafson (CFO at Partstech and writer of Mostly Metrics) has learned and thought about in the trenches as a tech CFO.
This show is meant to serve as a playbook of sorts for the stuff CJ wishes he knew earlier in his career, both from experience and from copying people smarter than himself.
Topics frequently touch upon Startup SaaS Metrics, Annual Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Headcount, Equity, Dilution, and Fundraising – and how all of these drive business performance and growth.