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E18: How a Public Company CFO Prepares for Earnings Calls

E18: How a Public Company CFO Prepares for Earnings Calls

Earnings calls. If you’re at a pre-IPO company, the' before, during, and after' of an earnings call can be a black box. That's why we brought on Sonalee Parekh, the Chief Financial Officer at RingCentral, for a masterclass about the best ways to prepare for an earnings call -- down to the most granular details and pitfalls to avoid. Along the way she dispenses some excellent career advice to CFOs and those aspiring to the seat. If you’re looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:



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(00:00) Episode Preview

(01:55) Mailbag question

(05:15) Sonalee's first earnings call as a public CFO

(07:30) Handling curveball questions

(09:06) The planning process for an earnings call

(14:15) Messaging and metrics

(15:50) Sponsor: NetSuite

(17:00) Division of responsibilities

(23:30) Sponsor: Planful

(24:30) Disclosing ARR

(26:40) Prepping for analysts

(29:55) Who's actually in the room?

(34:30) Making the jump to public company CFO

(35:45) CEO - CFO relationship

(40:30) What separates the great CFOs from the good CFOs

(45:00) Rep Yo Stack sponsored by Tropic - Sonalee's tech stack

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